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Intense,  bullet-dodging  multiplayer  mayhem  while  bounding  through  neon  drenched  mega  cities  in  your  custom  built  tanks


Platforms:  PC, Mac – Coming to Steam Early Access
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter/Action/RPG with Platforming
Number of Players: 1-10
Expected ESRB: T

Dash and bound through vibrant battlefields in your 20 ft tall custom built tanks.  Battle it out in 5 vs 5 battles that are equal parts skill, tank customization and team work.  Build the perfect battalion of 3 tanks based on your play style by choosing each tanks pilot, chassis, gun, legs, shield and up to four additional attachments such as radar jammers, hover drives, x-ray scanners, floating gun pods and many more.

Jump Tanks re-imagines the feeling of heart pounding action found in classic Japanese shooters.  Dodge and weave through incoming laser blasts and mortar shots  while returning your own volleys of attacks.  Use the shields on the front of the tanks to block attacks and wait for just the right moment to raise it and blast your opponent into shrapnel.  Leap from 90 story buildings and perform a jump crush attack on unsuspecting foes below. Out maneuver barrages of heat-seeking missiles while you charge up your cannon and get ready to release your own personal bullet hell.

Welcome to the world of Jump Tanks!


Build  a  Battalion


Player choice and customization x3!  Players select and customize 3 Jump Tanks to wage war against their rivals. The player’s tanks are put into battle in a random order each match to keep players on their toes.

Each  Battle  is  Personal


Every match, each player is paired with a different Ally and Rival Pilot from the other players in the match, providing game changing stat boosts, special abilities and debuffs. Encourages team play and camaraderie in a bold new way.

Dynamic  Arenas


Rise to a new challenge as the time of day, position of shortcuts, hazards, spawn points, game specific objectives and enemy positions change each match.

Collectible  Action


Just like great trading card games that involve building a deck, players build the ultimate tank battalion that matches their play style from a starting series of unique parts and Pilots.  Jump Tank Booster Crates make it easy and affordable for player to keep adding complexity and choice to their play style instead of gaining unfair advantages.


Pre-Alpha Preview Invite

JumpTanks Pre Alpha Preview Invite from MBS Games on Vimeo.

Announcement Trailer

Gamespot E3 2014 Live Show

Game Trailers – Indie Games Live 2014






Jump Tanks is a fully server-authorative game, meaning that the server ultimately controls the game play.  This keeps the game secure and is one of the best defenses against player hacks and cheating.  We want to make sure we make a game that can be enjoyed competitively.  Unlike a peer-to-peer game, one player is not the host and thus has the best connection/ping and response time in-game.

Another technology goal for Jump Tanks has been arcade action, quick responsive controls and the ability to calculate large amounts networked projectiles and player action.  We have taken time to lag compensate our projectiles and player movement to make the most responsive online game possible.  With this technology we are able to recreate the excitement of dodging and weaving through actual projectiles with responsive controls.  Most online games will not compensate for lag, meaning you may not be playing or seeing what is actually happening in the game world and will see the game jitter or correct itself, meaning the missile you thought you dodged actually hit and killed you.  We aim to utilize this technology to give players an online action experience that they cannot get anywhere else.


We recorded an original soundtrack for the game with the help of Patrick Lee.  We wanted to explore the idea of what music might sound like in the future world of Jump Tanks while also using traditional Japanese instruments such as taiko drums and the shamisen to give it a unique feel.   We recorded professional taiko players, Jimi Nakagawa and Shohei Takatani at Jimi’s taiko dojo in Alameda California.

Music Sample:
Jump Tanks OST – Pennisula


Preproduction on Jump Tanks began in March of 2012 with Casey Holtz and Adam Vierra creating a prototype of the core game systems.  The prototype was single player only and focused on proving core systems such as movement, aiming and the use of weapons.  Player metrics were also decided, a modular level set created, levels and core gameplay prototyped.  The first year also involved building out the team and associates to put the game into full production.  Reajean Dubois was hired to design the character pilots while Mike Fudge, Team Cerberus and Dark Reactor handled the production of 3D art assets.

In May of 2012 Sveta Trushchenkova joined the development team to start designing a clean and elegant user interface, iconography, promotional materials  and the title and logo treatment for Jump Tanks.  In early 2013, Nathan Frost and Joshua Beeler joined the team to begin converting the prototype code into production code and networking the gameplay.  The game is currently in a pre-alpha state.  Please stay posted for more information regarding the release date.



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