Droopy Blocks was our debut game for iPad.  The goal was to make a game that was original, would highlight the strengths of touch-screen input and learn how to use the Unity engine.

Game Design Document

The game design document was written before production on the game began and was updated as needed throughout development.  Towards the end of development most changes to the game and features we discussed via email, phone calls and in person.  A questionnaire was also used once we began playtesting the game with more and more players.  It was useful in helping ramp the difficulty progression of the puzzles and provide more useful in-game hints and tips.

Droopy Blocks GDD

 Design Sketches

Most of my game ideas begin their life in my sketch book.  Droopy Blocks came dripping out of my brain, through my nose and onto the pages of my sketchbook in an afternoon.  I remember sitting in Dolores Park in San Francisco and writing and drawing frantically when the idea formed.  Once the idea presented itself it all clicked however leading up to that day I had been trying off and on to solve the challenge of how to make a game that would be better with touch, than with a controller.  I would encourage any designer to keep notes and sketches and plant as many ideas in your brain as possible and hope that your subconscious can piece things together with enough time.

The sketchbook drawings are presented in chronological order of when they were created.