Mechanical Butterfly Studios is an independent game development studio located in San Francisco.  Our passion is in creating memorable, high-quality games that exude elegance and charm.  We view games as not only a business but as an art form and seek to find the sweet spot between playability, marketability and aesthetics.  We are a design driven company that is always looking to expand and innovate where possible and to leave a lasting impression with our players.

We believe that all great games need to be created with love by people that sincerely enjoy the creative process and the games they are making.  We hand pick the perfect talent for projects we develop, trying to find situations where individuals can let their passion and talent shine through in the finished project.

We create original games for all platforms, with a focus on digital distribution.  We provide game design and development consulting services, have experience creating original IP or working within existing franchises and properties.

We look forward to having the pleasure to entertain you.

Casey Holtz - Founder/Creative Director

Casey Holtz has a BFA in 3D Modelling for Games from the Academy of Art University.  While at school he studied under professional artists and designers from companies such as Blizzard.  He has worked in multiple design roles for console game developers and as a lead level designer. Casey has polished his design skills at companies like Activision, Cyrstal Dynamics and Planet Moon, and worked on AAA titles such as Tomb Raider: Underworld, Tony Hawk: Project 8 to licensed games for Disney and Marvel.  Casey has created hand-picked development teams and has designed original games since his high school years and continues that passion at MBS.